TGS Publications

TGS Publications are now available on DVD from AAPG Datapages, Inc. You may contact the AAPG Store and request item # 966. The cost is $125 for both members and nonmembers.

To contact the AAPG Store online – Click Here. Or you can contact them by phone; 918-584-2555.

AAPG Datapages’s Search and Discovery

Search and Discovery, AAPG Datapages online journal, posts a variety of articles that have exploration/development implications or applications. These articles, which are available to any interested person, usually have advantages (enhancements) over the traditional articles in that there are links for rapid access to figures and, where applicable, related figures are shown in sequence (animation).

Hopefully, you will visit this site regularly and also submit for posting articles you consider particularly suited for online presentation.

Tulsa City-County Library

Geologic Map Collections

The Tulsa City-County Library’s Central Library has geological maps on the state, national and international levels. These maps, which are mainly published by state or national geological societies, are located on the fourth floor in theResearch Center. Contact them at: Askus

Field Trip Guides

Red Bud Valley (Mike McGowan)

Downtown Tulsa Building Stones (Rick Erickson)