Fall 2018

 All lectures are free and open to the public. For details of a speaker’s visit contact Beverly Phelps at 918-631-2517. The University of Tulsa does not discriminate on the basis of personal status or group characteristics including, but not limited to, the classes protected under federal and state law.

Wednesday, September 19 - 12:00 Noon – KEP 3010

“Exploring Icy Ocean Worlds in the Solar System and Beyond”

Dr. Steven Vance, Research Scientist

Europa Project Staff Scientist

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech

Pasadena, CA


Wednesday, October 3 – 12:00 Noon – KEP 3010

“Process Controls and Stratigraphic Consequences

of River Delta Channel Networks”

Dr. John Shaw

Assistant Professor of Geology

University of Arkansas


Wednesday, October 17 - 12:00 Noon – KEP 3010


“Earthquakes in Our Backyard”

Dr. Xiaowei Chen, Asst. Professor

The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK


Wednesday, October 31 - 12:00 Noon – KEP 3010

“Pore Architecture and Seismic Velocities:

Lessons from the “Miss Lime” Reservoir”

Dr. Priyank Jaiswal,

Associate Professor of Geophysics

Boone Pickens School of Geology

Oklahoma State University


Wednesday, November 14 - 12:00 Noon – KEP 3010

“Direct numerical simulation of fluid flow, fracture propagation, and slip deformation: Tying microseismic and well performance data to focal mechanisms under uncertainty” Dr. Rami Younis

Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering

The University of Tulsa


Wednesday, November 28 - 12:00 Noon – KEP 3010

“Ground Motion Estimates in Earthquake Early Warning: Performance with a Global Seismic and Geodetic Data Set”

Dr. Christine Ruhl

Assistant Professor of Geosciences, The University of Tulsa