Spring 2019

 All lectures are free and open to the public. For details of a speaker’s visit contact Beverly Phelps at 918-631-2517. The University of Tulsa does not discriminate on the basis of personal status or group characteristics including, but not limited to, the classes protected under federal and state law.

Wednesday, January 30th - 12:00 Noon – KEP 3030

“Using rare earth elements to quantify post-fire resource redistribution in a grassland to scrubland transition system”

Dr. Junran Li, Associate Professor of Geosciences

The University of Tulsa

Geosciences Department

Tulsa, OK


Wednesday, February 13th – 12:00 Noon – KEP 3030

“Image-Based Rock Physics: Applications to Unconventional Reservoirs"

Dr. James Howard

Research Associate

The University of Tulsa

Petrophysics Consultant, DigiM Solutions

Tulsa, OK


Wednesday, February 27th – 12:00 Noon – KEP 3030

“How did saltwater end up in the Creek? Using electrical geophysics to address a conundrum"

Dr. Bert Fisher

Adjunct Professor of Geosciences

The University of Tulsa

Managing Principal, Lithochimeia, LLC

Tulsa, OK


Wednesday, March 13th - 12:00 Noon – KEP 3030

“Delineating the future seismic hazard in Oklahoma”

Dr. Jake Walter

Geophysicist/State Seismologist

Oklahoma Geological Survey

University of Oklahoma

Norman, OK


Wednesday, March 27th - 12:00 Noon – KEP 3030

“Deepwater Depositional Environments, Processes, and Facies of the Permian Wolfcamp Formation, Delaware Basin, USA"

Sloan Anderson, Geologist

Devon Energy Corporation

Boone Pickens School of Geology

Oklahoma City, OK


Wednesday, April 10th - 12:00 Noon – KEP 3030

“Fantastic Models and Where To Find Them"

Haihong "Iris" Wang

Geophysical Advisor

Laredo Petroleum

Tulsa, OK